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PICS Mobile Game Development

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PICS stands for Play, Improve, Create and Share. Your average game ships and then people play it, with the developer putting out updates for the game further down the line. The PICS system aims to create a community of players around a game and tap that community to create more content for the game thus creating a self-sustaining player base.

PICS can be applied to any type of game from side scrolling shoot-em ups to RPGs. The initial PICS project supports the tower defense genre but in the long run we hope to extend PICS support to many popular genres.

Whist there is a broad based demand for games, creating games is still not easy enough with the current technology. There are significant portion hobbyist game developers that desire more accessible game making tools.

Generally most consumers will go through any content a game company makes faster than the game company can create content. This can create lulls in the release schedule that may result in the loss of valuable players.

Many businesses and websites currently rely on User Generated Content (UGC). Blogs, Wikis, companies such as facebook and YouTube are all built around tapping into the consumer’s desire to create their own content. By providing a platform for content they incentivize their users to create content which draws in more users who want to view the content which in turn prompts the content creators to create more. This creates a self sustaining cycle where the business itself doesn’t need to do much in terms of content creation.

Personae Studios hopes to solve these problems by leveraging UGC with its new PICS Platform.