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What is Tower Defense?

While we are sure that the vast majority of you here will know and understand what a tower defense game is, this description is here for those of you who are new to the genre and want a little more of an explanation.

In a tower defense game, you are a general in charge of defending a location from an army of invading adversaries. They will come at this location from one or more directions, either following set paths, or moving on the shortest route to their intended target. Your goal in either case is to slow them down and kill them before they reach the end of their path. If too many reach the end of the path, you lose. What you were protecting is destroyed, etc. The point is that you don’t want the enemy getting through.

To prevent the enemy from getting through, you use your towers to either block their movement physically, and to attack them. In maps where the enemy will take the shortest route, you’ll need to place your towers in a formation that creates a maze that the enemy can navigate, otherwise they’ll destroy the towers they run into. On maps where their paths are lain out for them, you’ll be lining the edges of the paths with your own towers and waiting for the enemy to come into the line of fire for them to be shot to pieces.

Many tower defense games have several types of towers, as well as the ability to upgrade those towers. PICS: Towers of Defense does not shirk these features in the least. We have 3 types of towers. Shot towers will simply shoot the nearest target until it dies or moves out of range. Cone Towers deal damage in a cone near to their location, expanding out from it. Blast Towers lob an explosive at their foes, causing damage to all nearby enemies around them. In addition, all these towers can be upgraded to improve their stats in the game, these upgrades are controlled by the players during the map creation phase, and they can create their own upgrade paths or these towers.

Enemies will move at different speeds, and have different abilities, such as healing, spawning new enemies as they move, and spawning new enemies upon death. Your own towers can be given special powers as well to boost the abilities of nearby towers or hinder the enemies near to them.

All of these things you’ll need to take into account while playing and creating new maps in PICS: Towers of Defense.