Personae Studios

Personae Studios LLP was formed in October 2007 with a vision:  To dive into one’s creative mind in an attempt to fuse traditional gaming methods with the electronic gaming space.  Our goal is to introduce new and engaging computer gaming concepts by incorporating the roots of traditional computer gaming methods, with the innovative gameplay elements driven by modern technologies.

Based in Singapore, our studio specializes in the design and development of iPhone games and supporting infrastructures. We believe in designing games that suit all occasions, while bringing entertainment closer to you wherever you go. Keeping you entertained is our top priority, and we look forward to releasing more titles in the coming months.

Our goal is to be the leader in game design innovation and diversification.  By breaking out of the normal boundaries the human mind creates, and reaching for what others think cannot be done, we live by the Personae Studio motto every day:  Daring to Escape, Doing the Impossible.

Our Team

Sunny Koh (Studio Head)
Second Vice-President & Acting Honorary Secretary, Games Exchange Alliance, Singapore. Formerly of Camelot Hobbies Private Limited, Master of Computing, University of Southern Queensland

Edmund Koh (Director – Project Producer)
Edmund Koh graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Information Technology and received a Masters of Information Technology (Research) from the Queensland University of Technology. He has worked in Asia City Publishing as a Systems Administrator. He is responsible for the general project management and co-ordination of all internal personnel and external contractors in this project.

Shawn Shi (Senior Programmer)
Shawn Shi graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in the PRC with a Bachelor of Computer Science. A permanent resident of Singapore, he has worked Weike Gaming Technology as a Senior Software engineer and Skyunion as a Senior Software Engineer. He brings over 6+ years of game programming experience to the team and is responsible for all areas of game server/client Architecture Design and game Engine programming.

Jonathan Lim (Programmer)
Jonathan Lim graduated from the NanyangTechnicalUniversity with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He has worked in Weike as a Engineer (Table Gaming) and Philip Tang and Sons as a Java Developer. He has graduated from the prestigious Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore with a PCP for Game Programmers. He was part of Digipen’s Team Rapidfire.

Nicholas Lim (Concept Designer)
Nicholas Lim graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) with a Bachelor of Arts (Games Graphics Design). He later attended the FZD School of Design in Singapore, graduating with a Diploma in Industrial Design. Nicholas designs the vehicles, environments, characters, creatures and structures that appear in the game.

John Albert Tate (Game Designer)
John Albert Tate began his career in developing games at a young age with his local game store and hobby clubs. He later went on to graduate from the Interactive Media Division of the University of Southern California. He came to work as a Game Designer for Personae Studios in mid 2013, he works to ensure the designs and core concepts of the games we make are sound and fun to play.