Haven’t you found mobile games more and more boring recently? Haven’t you felt like they’re worth only one or two play throughs and then you never touch them again? Nobody puts in the effort to make a good game anymore!

Wouldn’t you like to change that? That’s what we want to give YOU, the Player! Players, if given the tools all us game makers use can make wonderful things! That is where PICS comes in!

PICS stands for Play, Improve, Create, and Share, and those words are what define the powers we want to give to YOU, the Player.


What’s the point of a game if you can’t play it? Play is the center of everything, since you want other people to play the games you make! PICS will eventually have many different ways to play it, but right now the focus is all on Tower Defense! PICS Towers of Defense is all about waves of bad guys trying to get from one end of the map to the other, and the duty of the player in these cases is to stop them at all costs!



Ever played a game and felt like if there were just a few changes made to it, it would be so much better? Us too! That’s why we’re putting the power to Improve maps into your hands! Download some one else’s map and then tweak it! Make the enemies stronger or weaker! Change the paths they take around the map! Add in some more terrain detail or even change how powerful the towers are! It’s all in your hands.

For those of you worried about losing credit when someone else improves one of your maps? Never fear! We’re putting in a family tree system so everyone can keep track of who created and improved what over the lifetime of a map series!

Tower Concepts


The power is in YOUR hands dear player! You can create maps however you like! Make them last as long as you like, make the enemies and towers as strong as appeals to you, and set the reward levels at whatever values seem to make the most sense to you! Then test your map, and go back and tweak it until it’s perfect! We put all of the powers of creating new games in your hands, providing you with everything you need to tweak the stats, and appearances, of every element of game play, right down to the resources other players will use to play on your map! Take the step, don’t just be a Player, be a Creator!



But all of this means nothing if you can’t actually get the game out there! Sure, you could shove your mobile device into someone’s hands and have them play it there, but that’s not easy on anybody! So we provide you with an entire marketplace to not only show off your games, but to play and rate the games of others! Leave your thoughts on the maps of others in comments and ratings after playing their maps, and then download and improve their maps. See how your own maps evolve and change in the hands of others through these systems as well!


PICS is not meant to be a game development tool. Rather, we start by offering a full-fledged game, and then give you the power to disassemble and reassemble the building blocks to your taste. Although our first project is a tower defense game, PICS can be applied to any genre, from platformers and shoot-‘em-ups to RPGs and everything between.

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