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PICS: Towers of Defense


PICS Towers of Defense is mobile platform, allowing players to take the core tower defense game and mold it before sharing it amongst their friends

We’ve built the ability to easily design new levels, swap art assets, and to share your creations with other players.

Friends could then rate and comment on your creation with the option to share it amongst their friends. They may even make improvements of their own and you could view the history of all those that have come before you.

First and foremost, we believe in solid strategy gameplay that stands on its own. All too often, mobile games are made as temporary distractions with brief shelf lives. By letting players further define gameplay, we can create a mobile gaming with long-lasting appeal and a true sense of community.


  • Build your own Towers, Maps, and Enemies! You control everything!

Publish Overview

  • A variety of abilities and features for both towers and enemies for you to choose from!

Edit Enemy Statistics

  • You control what will appear on the map! Where the enemies go, and even what enemies will appear!

Path Editor 01

  • Become famous through publishing YOUR maps, and having friends and strangers alike play them!
  • Download, play, and improve the maps of others, building upon the shoulders of those who came before you!