In-Game Towers and Enemies



The Colonial Union defends humanity’s expansion throughout the stars, but even they do not represent all of humanity. When we first reached for the stars, it was a disjointed effort, spreading at different rates, and in different directions. Only when FTL technology was fully unlocked, did humanity unite it’s efforts to colonize the universe into a single governing body, the Colonial Union. As this united front expanded, it ran into the ancient efforts of it’s ancestors, some were benign, others mutated either in genetics or morality. Now the Colonial Union is not only in charge of colonization and terraforming efforts on claimed planets, but in defending it’s citizens from mutants, pirates, and aliens who seek to ravage humanity’s united expansion into the stars.


_shot1Autogun Towers form up the basic form of defense for most colonies on the rim. Their heavy bullets are easily able to tear through lightly armored invaders.

_shot2Advanced Autogun Towers, while every bit as fast firing and destructive as their smaller counterparts, but they improve upon both range and armor penetration.




Napalm Towers use ancient human technology first deployed during their original world wars. Now this once forbidden technology has been redeployed for use against mutants and aliens who are otherwise able to shrug off other forms of attack.

_flame2Advanced Napalm Towers improve upon the original designs of the smaller towers. By improving the cycling rate of napalm canisters, and the cooling vents of the important segments of the towers, Advanced Napalm towers gain increased firing coverage and attack rate.


_blast1Artillery Towers utilize some of the most ancient and basic technology available to humanity. Lobbing explosive shells at the opposition to deter them. Slow firing, but with incredible range and explosive force. Few enemies are able to advance in the face of a battery of Artillery Towers.

_blast2Advanced Artillery Towers integrate alien and divergent technologies into their designs, improving range and accuracy enormously with alien computing technology. The few enemies who could withstand an Artillery Tower’s bombardment before now quail before the terrible barrage an Advanced Artillery Tower is capable of unleashing.





Spacers are the most basic form of infantry, universally deployed across the colonized systems. In self sustaining, armored vac-suits, these soldiers carry heavy energy and kinetic weaponry to assist in their invasions.

_armoured car



AFVs are the basic form of invasion for most enemies. Both rebels, mutants, and aliens co-opting human technology use these devices to get their forces in close and give close fire support upon arrival at their destinations. Only towers prevent them from arriving at their targets.

_command tank


Command Tanks carry the leadership of invasion efforts, as well as entire small armies within. Slow, but tough, destroying these before they arrive at their choice of destination is critical to the defense of any colony.

_supply truck



Supply Trucks carry food, ammunition, fuel, and other critical supplies. These vehicles are unarmed, but usually carry a defensive squad to deploy upon arrival and set up a beach head. It is vital that such vehicles be annihilated enroute.